The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a POS

Read this guide to find out what you need in a POS, the questions to ask, and what to expect from the buying process.
The Ultimate POS restaurant collage

The Solution We Recommend

RestoHub recommends TouchBistro, an all-in-one restaurant management system. With a powerful POS at the core of its solution, TouchBistro has everything you need to run your restaurant on one easy-to-use platform.

Increase Sales

Help staff sell more with pop-up modifiers

Improve guest experience

Order errors? A thing of the past

Make informed decisions

Know what’s selling and what’s not

Decrease training time

Staff can learn your POS in hours, not days

Bonus: From online ordering, to reservations, loyalty, and more, TouchBistro has a full suite of add-on products that can help set any new restaurant up for success.

Benefits of a mobile POS

Thought your POS would be the not-fun part of opening your restaurant? Think again.
Server holding TouchBistro iPad POS

Tableside Ordering

Fulfill orders faster, right at the table. Spend time with your customers, not a clunky POS.

Sell more stuff

Use the Customer Facing Display to display high-margin items to customers in line. Pop-up modifiers encourage staff to sell more add-ons.

Mobile integrated payment processors

Take credit card, debit, cash, and mobile payments wherever the customer may be.

Restaurant performance at a glance

A modern POS that lets you run a better business with data & analytics.
iPad Screenshot of Orders section in TouchBistro
TouchBistro iPad Product Shot
iPad Screenshot of Reports section in TouchBistro

Never Leave a Table Open

Have you thought about how to best manage reservations at your new restaurant? Chat with our team to learn more.

Accept Reservations

Manage requests through your website, our web and mobile discovery apps, or Google reservations.

Maximize your revenue

Optimize floor plans and tracks guest status to turn more tables.

Reduce no-shows

Send automatic SMS and email reservation confirmations & reminders.

Two images, one of a female restaurant worker setting up a table and the other someone using the TouchBistro POS.

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