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Restaurant Menu Planning Checklist

Know how to design a menu that’s more than a menu. Here’s what you’ll need to know to design a money-making menu machine.

First image is woman looking at menu and second image is man drawing on chalkboard and third image is a menu
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What You’ll Learn with Our Menu Planning Checklist

  • How to plan and price a restaurant menu
  • How to design a restaurant menu layout
  • How to engineer a restaurant menu for higher sales

Your Guide to Designing a Restaurant Menu

Restaurant menu pricing strategies

The restaurant menu planning checklist from RestoHub is a handy guide to setting your menu prices. You’ll learn what goes into pricing your menu – from ingredient planning to mark-ups to portion sizes. The checklist also prompts you to think about other scenarios: What prices do competing restaurants offer? How do you present a balanced menu? Where does prix fixe menu pricing fit in? The restaurant pricing guide covers it all.

Menu design ideas

Designing a restaurant menu is equal parts inspiration and marketing. Using our menu design checklist, you’ll be able to:

  • hire a graphic designer or use menu design software
  • adhere to food labeling laws
  • write menu descriptions that’ll leave your guests hungry for that first bite

Engineering a restaurant menu to drive sales

Refining your menu can have a profound impact on your restaurant’s revenue and profits. With such razor-thin margins, a well-engineered menu is essential. The menu planning checklist highlights key considerations to have in mind as you optimize your menu to maximize your bottom line.

Why You Need Our Restaurant Menu Design Checklist

As a new restaurant, planning a profitable menu is a challenge. We designed our Restaurant Menu Planning Checklist to help restaurateurs finesse their menu to drive profits without driving costs sky-high and driving customers away. Want diners to keep reaching for the menu to order one more tasty dish? You need this handy menu planning guide – your new checklist for success from RestoHub!

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Restaurant Menu Planning Checklist

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