Restaurant Startup Cost Checklist

Get the answer to the #1 question all aspiring restaurateurs ask: How much will it cost to open my restaurant?
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Get a grip on finances

  • Itemize fixed and fluctuating expenses
  • Determine your break even point
  • Calculate how much financing you need

Budget Like a Restaurant Pro

Break down your restaurant startup costs

There are two kinds of restaurant startup costs: one-time expenses like construction costs, equipment purchases, and permit fees; and recurring expenses like restaurant rent, payroll, and food costs. The startup cost calculator helps you budget for both by simplifying the cost breakdown for all your expenses.

Determine how much money you’ll need to open your restaurant

Chances are, you’ll need financing to open your restaurant. Potential investors will want to know how much funding you’re seeking, and how much you’ll be able to contribute. The restaurant startup cost calculator will forecast your initial capital requirements, and factor in how much you can personally bring to the table.

Set an operating budget

An operating budget is your plan for generating revenue and incurring expenses. It’s a key requirement for your restaurant business plan and is typically in effect for a full fiscal year. An operating budget calculates simply like this:

Budget = Sales – Costs (food, labor, fixed overhead)

Using the restaurant costs checklist allows you to establish estimates for these figures so you can prepare a proper operating budget as part of your restaurant business plan.

More Startup Cost Questions?

You’re not alone – every aspiring restaurant owner needs answers to critical financial questions like:

  • How much will I need for restaurant construction/renovation?
  • What should I budget for restaurant equipment?
  • What restaurant payroll expenses should I anticipate?

The Restaurant Startup Cost Checklist is your must-have tool to calculate all startup costs.

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