Restaurant Startup Costs Calculator

Get the answer to the #1 question all aspiring restaurateurs ask: How much will it cost to open my restaurant?

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Get a grip on finances

  • Itemize fixed and fluctuating expenses
  • Determine your break even point
  • Calculate how much financing you need

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More Startup Cost Questions?

You’re not alone – every aspiring restaurant owner needs answers to critical financial questions like:

  • How much will I need for restaurant construction/renovation?
  • What should I budget for restaurant equipment?
  • What restaurant payroll expenses should I anticipate?

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The Restaurant Startup Cost Checklist is your must-have tool to calculate all startup costs. It can help you get a full picture of your restaurant expenses, such as: purchasing a commercial space or finding a place to lease; furnishing and decorating the site; procuring kitchen equipment; buying dishware/glassware/silverware; installing a POS system and other technology; obtaining permits, etc.

By determining these costs in advance, you get a better idea of what to expect and what to prioritize. If you discover, for example, that too much of the budget is allocated to seating solutions, you might shop around to lower those costs. Then, you can invest the difference in more important areas where you need the funds.

Ultimately, knowing all of your restaurant startup costs upfront can help you determine where you can save and where you need to spend more, giving you more control over your startup expenses.

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Restaurant Startup Costs Calculator

Use this tool to forecast your restaurant costs and revenue.