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Restaurant Staff Training Checklist

From host staff to wait staff, from bartenders to kitchen staff, how do you train your restaurant staff? Our checklist starts you off on the right foot.

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What You’ll Learn with Our Restaurant Employee Training Checklist

  • How to determine what equipment you’ll need
  • What to know before you buy your equipment
  • Which equipment is okay to buy used and which isn’t

Must-Know Restaurant Training Tips

How to train restaurant managers

In addition to their day-to-day duties, you depend on your restaurant managers to train the rest of your staff. This includes new hire training and ongoing training for wait staff, hosts/hostesses, bar staff and kitchen staff. They’ll need effective communication skills, patience, and the ability to tailor their training to the learning styles of a diverse staff. Our restaurant manager training checklist helps you “train the trainer” and put your management team in a position to succeed.

How to train restaurant servers and wait staff

Your front-of-house staff are the face of your restaurant; a well-trained restaurant wait staff is mission critical to the success of your business. Our restaurant server training checklist covers key points to include in your training plan, from how to use your POS system and how to upsell menu items to handling delicate situations in a high-paced environment.

How to train bar staff

Training bartenders and bar staff is an investment in your business. Your bartenders are masters of their craft, and it takes hard work, training, and preparation to stay on top of their game. Your bar staff and bartender training checklist is a valuable tool that will help you increase bar revenue, keep bar staff morale high, improve customer service, and unlock the long-term rewards of investing in bar staff training.

How to train kitchen staff

Before training new kitchen employees, write out a checklist of what each chef, sous chef, and back-of-house employee needs to know by the end of the training process. A kitchen staff training checklist ensures your training program prepares each employee to do their job and the other jobs they may have to do in case they’re pressed into service on short notice. You’ll train kitchen staff on how to use equipment, your recipes, safety, cleanliness and so much more, and a detailed training checklist for kitchen staff is your roadmap to success.

How to train hosts and hostesses

Your hosts and hostesses are the “first face” of your restaurant. Whether it’s a curious passerby walking in the front door, a regular patron waiting to be seated, or a first-time guest calling to make a reservation over the phone, your host staff sets the tone and makes the gives your public their first impressions of your brand. We’ll help you create a host and hostess training checklist to help these vital restaurant employees create a guest experience worth repeating.

Why You Need Our Restaurant Training Checklist

We designed our Restaurant Staff Training Checklist to work for new restaurant owners and established restaurateurs alike. Whether you’re a quick service cafe, a full service restaurant, a hot new food truck, a restaurant training list is essential to designing a plan to train your staff.

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Restaurant Staff Training Checklist

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