Restaurant Staff Training Checklist

From host staff to wait staff, from bartenders to kitchen staff, how do you train your restaurant staff? Our checklist starts you off on the right foot.

Three images, one ring something on a clipboard, another working writing something down, and the other two restaurant workers talking using an iPad.
A female restaurant worker smiling while holding papers talking to another woman.

What You’ll Learn with Our Restaurant Employee Training Checklist

  • How to determine what equipment you’ll need
  • What to know before you buy your equipment
  • Which equipment is okay to buy used and which isn’t

Must-Know Restaurant Training Tips

Why You Need Our Restaurant Training Checklist

We designed our Restaurant Staff Training Checklist to work for new restaurant owners and established restaurateurs alike. Whether you’re a quick service cafe, a full service restaurant, a hot new food truck, a restaurant training list is essential to designing a plan to train your staff.

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Restaurant Staff Training Checklist

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