Restaurant Design

Every restaurateur’s dream is to create a restaurant that amazes their customers, encouraging them to come back and tell their peers about it. When it comes to creating this experience, it’s important to consider both the interior and exterior design.
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Preen is a forward-thinking international award-winning hospitality design firm based in Los Angeles. They are world-renowned for creating original and engaging spaces for hotels and restaurants.

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Surfas Culinary District is Los Angeles’ neighborhood supply shop, complete with an ecommerce site for easy online purchasing and delivery. It’s been a premier destination for high quality commercial kitchen design and installation since 1937.

A Interior design of a restaurant.

Design Considerations

Some of the most important elements of restaurant architecture are meant to go unnoticed by your customers. The best restaurant design in Los Angeles and anywhere else come to life when efficiency, function, and aesthetic overlap. Efficient operations for a smooth service, functional restaurant furniture, and attractive aesthetics all enhance the desired ambiance.   

When planning your restaurant design, whether you’re taking it on yourself or working with a design consultant, always keep in mind who you’re designing for – your customers. For instance, if you are targeting a younger crowd, experiment with a trendy interior. Consider using bold colors, furniture, and decorations that match your brand. Maybe you even consider incorporating a ‘wow’ factor, like a trendy bar corner or stand-out entertainment option.

On the other hand, if you are targeting a more formal crowd, try to keep it as simple as possible. Neutral colors are common in these restaurants, and the furniture is practical and clean. This will set the mood when your customers dine with you for corporate meetings.

Ultimately, the customer is the most important factor in designing the best restaurant. Ask yourself how you’re going to provide your customers with an amazing restaurant experience that they’ll keep coming back for. With this in mind, you have a guiding star on how to start building your restaurant design and brand around customers’ perception and the experience it will create for them.

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